Build Your Own Business™ Board Game

Build Your Own Business™ - Learn how to build and operate your own business! 

Build Your Own Business!

Build Your Own Business™ (BYOB) is the game that lets players fulfill the American Dream of owning and operating their own business. 

BYOB challenges players with the ups and downs of the typical startup business and gives motivated players a chance to try their hand at "reaching the top." Play Build Your Own Business™ by yourself or compete with friends. 

Build Your Own Business™ can be played by one, two, or four players. 

The BYOB Game comes with: 

  • BYOB Game Board 
  • Official Rule Booklet 
  • Customer Icon 
  • Dice 
  • Chips 
  • Event Cards 
  • Phase Cards 
  • Business Name Cards 
  • 3 Cost of Business Boards 
  • Peg 
  • Money denominations ranging from $25 through $1 BILLION.  

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